21 Sweet Yoruba names to call Your Lover.


Whether you wish to call your boyfriend, your girlfriend, wife, husband, your fiance or fiancee, some cute, sweet and romantic Yoruba names, fortunately for you and your partner, there are so many words in Yoruba language that you could use to creatively express love to your partner in Yoruba language.

Yoruba language is a very interesting language that everybody should learn at one point in their life or the other to be honest. Whether you are a Yoruba person yourself, or your partner is the one of the Yoruba lineage, or maybe both of you aren’t even Yoruba! But you just want to express your love in another language, in another interesting language, this article is out here to help you.

So, right now, we will be listing 21 absolutely sweet, cute and endearing Yoruba names that you could call your lover today, to win their hearts… to make their heart melt… to make them smile… to make them love you more! You should check them out below;

1. Ọkàn mi

Meaning: My heart

Pronunciation: aw-kaw + mee

2. Ìfẹ́ mi

Meaning: My love

Pronunciation: hee-feh-mee

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3. Òrékelẹ́wà

Meaning: Young and beautiful

Pronunciation: oh-ray-kay-leh-wah

4. Àrídúnnú

Meaning: To see something and get instantly happy.

Pronunciation: ah-ree-doo-nuh

5. Adùn ayé mi

Meaning: Sweetness in my life

Pronunciation: ah-doo-ah-yay-mee

6. Ìtùnú mi

Meaning: My comforter

Pronunciation: ee-too-noo-mee

7. Ìyàwó mi

Meaning: My Wife

Pronunciation: ee-yah-woh-mee

8. Ọkọ mi

Meaning: My husband

Pronunciation: aw-kaw mee

9. Áyọ̀ mi

Meaning: My joy

Pronunciation: ah-yaw-mee

10. Ẹyin ojú mi

Meaning: Apple of my eyes

Pronunciation: eh-yee-oh-joo-mee

11. Olówó orí mi.

Meaning: Owner of my head.

Pronunciation: oh-loh-woh-oh-ree-mee

12. Ẹni bí ọkàn mi

Meaning: The one after my heart

Pronunciation: eh-nee-bee-aw-kaw-mee

13. Adúmáadán

Meaning: To be black and shining

Pronunciation: ah-doo-ma-ah-daw-n

14. Ìràwọ̀ mi

Meaning: My star

Pronunciation: ee-rah-wuh-mee

15. Adùn

Meaning: Sweetness

Pronunciation: Ah-doo-n

16. Oyin ayé mi

Meaning: Honey of my life

Pronunciation: oh-yee-ah-yay-mee

17. Olólùfẹ́

Meaning: My lover

Pronunciation: oh-loh-loo-feh

18. Òló mi

Meaning: My lover

Pronunciation: Oh-loh-mee

19. Onítèmi

Meaning: My own

Pronunciation: oh-nee-tay-mee

20. Morẹ́nikéjì mi

Meaning: I have seen my other half

Pronunciation: moh-reh-nee-kay-jee

21. Ẹwà

Meaning: Beauty

Pronunciation: eh- wah

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