Gbéfún – Here’s The Meaning


Gbéfún is a Yoruba phrase and slang that is so commonly uttered nowadays in Nigeria especially in southwestern Nigeria. This phrase Gbéfún deserves a special mention on this blog, because it is so commonly said and lots of people, I’m sure, would love to know what the meaning of this phrase is. And I’m sure that’s why you’re here reading this. Well, let’s get to it!

Gbéfún means ” To Give something to someone”.

Pronunciation of Gbéfún: gbay-foo-n

The “n” is silent.

Gbéfún is also a slang that is mostly used to hail people who have done exceptionally well in something and it is used to encourage search people to do more, to give more.. of such talent, of such action..


1. Gbéfún! Ehn.. óṣé baddest! Máa fún wọn lọ l’ẹgbẹgbẹ́!

Meaning: give it to them! Ehn… Thank you baddest! Keep giving them from every side!


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