55 Painful Yoruba Insults – OMG Epic List!


Yorùbá people are notorious for their bad mouths. We have a tendency to be quite loud in voice tone and as if that isn’t enough problem, we also have a tendency for insults and curses. To the extent that, other Nigerian tribes want to learn how to insult people from us! And that’s what this article is about. To give you a glimpse into just 55 of the hundreds of insults available to the average Yoruba person’s brain. Check ’em below.

1. Olóríbúrúkú

It is pronounced as oh-loh-ree-boo-roo-koo

Meaning: A person with a bad head.

2. Aṣiwèrè

Pronounced as: ah-she-ay-ray
Meaning: A person who’s gone mad.

3. Asínwín

Pronounced as: ah-see-n-wee-n
Meaning: Mentally insane person.
The “n” in pronunciation is slightly silent.

4. Bọ̀lọ̀

Pronounced as: baw-law
Meaning: Not smart/dull person

5. Ọ̀dẹ̀

Pronounced as: aw-deh
Meaning: Fool

6. Òpònú

Pronounced as: oh-poh-noo

Meaning: a mentally sick person.

7. Dọ̀dọ̀yọ̀

Pronounced as: daw-daw-yaw

Meaning: Mentally slow

8. Aláìlójúti

Pronounced as: ah-lah-ee-loh-joo-tee

Meaning: shameless person

9. Ẹranko

Pronounced as: eh-raw-n-koh

Meaning: animal

10. Ẹlẹ́dẹ̀

Pronounced as: eh-leh-deh

Meaning: Pig

11. Arìndìn

Pronounced as: ah-ree-n-dee-n

Meaning: Mentally deficient/slow brained

12. Olódo

Pronounced as: oh-loh-doh

Meaning: Empty headed

13. Olóṣì

Pronounced as: oh-loh-shee

Meaning: A person that does rubbish or irresponsible things

14. Wère

Pronounced as: way-ray

Meaning: Mad person

15. Ọmọ àlè

Pronounced as: aw-maw-ah-lay

Meaning: Bastard

16. Èèyàn játijàti

Pronounced as: ay-yaw-n+ jah-tee-jah-tee

Meaning: A rubbish person

17. Áláyémáṣ’ànfàní

Pronounced as: ah-lah-yay-mah-sha-n-fah-nee

Meaning: A person whose life can’t amount to anything

18. Òmùgọ̀

Pronounced as: oh-moo-gaw

Meaning: Dumb person

19. Aṣẹ́wó

Pronounced as: ah-sheh-woh

Meaning: Prostitute

20. Oló’òórun

Pronounced as: oh-loh-oh-roo-n

Meaning: Smelly person

21. Èèyàn lásán-làsàn

Pronounced as: ay-yaw-n + lah-saw-n-lah-saw-n

Meaning: An ordinary person of no worth

22. Òbùn

Meaning: dirty person
Pronounced: aw-boo-n

23. Éleríibu

Meaning: A bad headed person
Pronounced: ay-lay-ree-ee-boo

24. Ode buruku

Meaning: Severe fool

25. Sófo

Meaning: Gossiper

26. Olofofo

Meaning: one who spreads gossip

27. Elejo wewe

Meaning: Talkative

28. Alainironu ara Galatia

Meaning: The thoughtless/shameless person from Galatia (drawn from the Bible)

29. Ọdaju

Meaning: Heartless person

30. Ọmọ òfò

Meaning: A waste of a child

31. Olórí nla

Meaning: Big Head

32.  Apoda

Meaning: Fool

33. Sule egbera

Meaning: dull person from Egbera (I think?)

34. Su’egbe

Meaning: Slow Person

35. Olounje iya

Meaning: Gluuton for food

36.  Sugọmu

Meaning: Dullard

37. Ẹranko

Meaning: Animal

38. Ewurẹ

Meaning: Goat

39. Atọọle

Meaning: One that bed-wets

40. Aṣule

Meaning: One that poos right in their pants.

41.  Onibaje oṣi

Meaning: Spoilt and rubbish person.

42. Ọbun

Meaning: Dirty person

43. Agbaya

Meaning: Useless elder

44. Ọ̀bọ langido

Meaning: Monkey from Langido (I guess?)

45. Alapa stainless

Literal Meaning: One whose arms are made of stainless steel.

Meaning in Context: Useless arms

46. Gbeborun

Meaning: One that pokes their nose in other people’s business.

47. Sofo

Meaning: One that gossips a lot.

48. Ori ẹ o pe

Meaning: Your head is not correct.

48. Igbadun ti jina si ẹ

Meaning: Enjoyment / Wellness is far from you

49. Iyanla iya ẹ!

Meaning: Your great grand mother is…. ! (well, fill in the gap with any curse.)

50. Iya ẹ!

Meaning: Your mother!

51. Baba ẹ

Meaning: Your Father!

52.  Ko dẹ ni da fun ẹ

Meaning: And it will not be well with you.

53. Gbẹnu ofo sọun

Meaning: Stop talking with that unfortunate mouth.

54. O dẹ maa ṣoriibu ni

Meaning: And you will be unfortunate.

55. Olobo Town council

Meaning: A lady that has slept with all the men in town.


There are so much more! Please use with care. These are insults. They are mental and emotional daggers. Use with caution. Ire o!

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