21 Beautiful Yorùbá Praises For Your Husband


Love is a beautiful thing. When we are married, we definitely want to keep the sparks of love shining bright. We never want it to die. Lovers revel in the ability to praise their lovers. To make their heads spin with words of love.. this can not only be done in English language, but in Yoruba language too! And if you are a wife looking for cool phrases and praises for your husband in Yoruba, you are at the right blog! Below, we will be sharing some truly beautiful praises to say to your husband in Yoruba language! Let’s see them..

1. Olówó orí mi

Meaning: Owner of my head

2. Ẹni’bi ọkàn mí

Meaning: The one after my heart

3. Ẹnìkejì mi

Meaning: My second/ my twin/ my go-to partner

4. Mór’óuntódùn

Meaning: I saw a sweet something. 😜

5. Ọkọ mi

Meaning: My husband

6. Ìfẹ mí

Meaning: My Love

7. Adé mí

Meaning: My crown

8. Ọlá mi

Meaning: My Wealth

9. Ọrẹ mi

Meaning: My friend

10. Ẹni ọkàn mi yàn

Meaning: The one my heart has chosen

11. Ayọ ayé mi

Meaning: The joy in my life

12. Ọkàn mi

Meaning: My heart

13. Onitemi

Meaning: My own

14. Temi nikan

Meaning: The only one for me/Mine only

How possessively cute! 😌😍

15. Ìdùnnú mi

Meaning: My happiness

16. Aridunnu mi

Meaning: The one I see and I instantly cheer up

17. Ìràwọ̀ mi

Meaning: My star

18. Imọlẹ mi

Meaning: my light

19. Ìyanu ayé mi

Meaning: the miracle in my life

20. Àyànmọ mi

Meaning: The chosen one for me

21. Olólùfẹ́ mi

Meaning: My lover

Let me put one more as físí (bonus)

22. Àyànfẹ́ mi ọ̀wọ́n

Meaning: My dear chosen lover

How sweet!! Do well to share with your husband, lover, boyfriend, friends and family! Spread the love! Ire o..

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