Yéwándé- Yoruba Poem Series- Love Poem



Poet: Flourish Joshua

In a distant village that I cannot name – The name too long that I cannot pronounce;
Lived two lovers with a promise. From the shackles of other times To the verisimilitude of other plays.

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Adegbenro, the lover,
Could do anything for Yewande, the loved.
Adegbenro would sell his taffeta Just to buy Yewande gorgeous beads;
For there was just nothing he couldn’t do for her.
“Take me to your parents.” Yewande suggested.
“When the time comes, we shall go.” ‘Gbenro promised.
“When will the time come? Yewande was vexed.

Adegbenro stooped and spoke solemnly;
“Yewande, Adunni Adegbenro! Ololufe Adegbenro! Fear not;
For you shall be the mother of my children!”

Yewande smiled and spoke hearing ‘Gbenro eulogise her; “Eniafe! Olowo’rimi! Alagbedeisalu ode wa! Ade mi” Emi náà fẹ bayin d’arugbo!
Mofe bayin d’ale.
Idun’nu mi!
Take your time; for I shall be patient.

Few Weeks later, Adegbenro brought Yewande home:
“Maami! Eni ti mo fe re o.
Eni ti mo fe ma ji ri lojojumo aiye mi re o.
Mama ‘Gbenro looked at her and asked: “Ehn.. Oko mi! Kini n je? “Yewande.”
Mama sighed and faced her properly; “Yewande”
“Maami” Yewande replied
“So ni fe ‘Degbenro?”
“Maami! Onitemi ni ‘Degbenro! ‘Ife’ is an understatement! “Hmn!” Mama sighed and seemed sad; “‘Degbenro! She called.
“Maami!” ‘Degbenro prostrated. “Oda b’ose r’eni to fe o, Amo s’omo pe Olurinde, Egbon e oti fe ‘yawo o. Ni’luwa yii o, Aburo o kin saju Egbon se’gbeyawo.”

Yewande heard this and asked; When will Bro Olu’ marry? Silence rent the air!
Nobody said anything.
It was pin-drop silence.
Mama shrugged her shoulders Cleared her throat and spoke: “Olurinde o ma ti se tan lati fe ‘yawo.
Boya in the next seven to ten years.”
Adegbenro waited with his Yewande.
Until Bro Olurinde got married Adegbenro never married.
And these were Yewande’s last words: “I, Yewande, knows that Adegbenro ma bamikale.”

Poet: Flourish Joshua

Contact Details: joshuaspoetrybank@gmail.com +2347056360775

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