How to say Good night in Yorùbá


Saying good night is a classic greeting from the English language and culture. When you are about to go to sleep, you say good night to the family or those around you. How do you say this very common but important greeting in Yoruba? No worries. We gat u…

Good night translates to “O dáàrọ̀” in Yoruba.

So, to say good night in Yoruba language, simply say O dáàrọ̀!

Pronunciation of O dáàrọ̀: oh- dah-ah-raw

If you are saying O dáàrọ̀ to your lover, simply say, O dáàrọ̀ ìfẹ́ mí. Meaning, good night my love.

There you have it! Ire o! 🙏🏾


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