Top 16 Yoruba Love Songs of all Time


Yoruba Language is really beautiful and especially when it is used in romantic love songs. There are a number of love songs that have been sung in Yoruba Language.

Below, we will be listing and giving basic information about 16 of the best of the best Yoruba love songs!

These songs are soooo romantic and sweet. Most were sung by male gender, so dispel that myth that men are not lovey-dovey. Because it seems many Yoruba male musicians have lots of the Love hormone running through their veins. We also have a few beautiful female crooners.

Enjoy the list!

1. Oló mi by Tosin Martins

This beautiful and purely romantic song was released in 2006. It is from the album “Happy Day”. Tosin Martins is so gifted with a voice meant to sing for love. The Yoruba Language he used to sing the song, made it even sweeter. This is one Yoruba love song that can never go out of reign. Even after 14 years if its release, it still ranks no. 1 on Yoruba love songs lists. Amazing. Phenomenal!

Click to watch Olo mi video on YouTube

2. Òrùká by Sunny Neji

Oruka ti d’ọwọ na, di ololufe re mu, ko s’ẹni to le ya yin titi lailai.. 🎶🎶🎵🎶 Ah.. so romantic! This song by Sunny Neji is a top Yoruba love song. Absolutely beautiful! It was released in 2007. From the album “Unchained”. The perfect wedding song!

Click here to watch Oruka’s video on YouTube

3. Oló mi gbọ temi o by Ebenezer Obey

Even though, I picked this song because so many people recommended it online. I went to listen to it on YouTube. And indeed, it is a beautiful Yoruba love song. It was released in 1967. From the album 51 Lex Presents: Enia Lasan.

Click here to listen to the audio on YouTube

4. What a Feeling by Beautiful Nubia

What is a Yorùbá love song list without Beautiful Nubia’s most beautiful song, “What a Feeling!”? Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. The song is soooo romantic and soulful and innocent and pure. I need a man to sing for me just like Beautiful Nubia. It is sooo romantic. This Is a very good Yoruba love song that I recommend personally.

It was released in 2002. From the album Jangbalajugbu.

Click to watch the video on YouTube!

5. Ìfẹ bi Eji Owurọ by Shola Allyson

Okay. I heard this song a lot when I was a child. And I loved it. Even as a young adult now, I still love it. Shola Obaniyi’s Yoruba vocab is so on point. Kudos ma! It was released in 2003 from the album Eji owuro.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

6. Ayanmọ Ìfẹ by Shola Allyson

Ayanmo ife is another quality romantic song sung in Yoruba Language. You will like it. She (Shola Allyson) talks about destined love from heaven in the lyrics. It was released in 2014. The song is from the album titled Ire.

Click here to listen to the audio on YouTube

7. Ìyàwó mi by Timi Dakolo

Which Nigerian doesn’t know this song?! Like! Timi Dakolo rí orin yìí kọ mehn.. So lovey-dovey, and it was for his WIFE! oh.. so much love! It was released in 2014. The song is from the album “Iyawo mi”. In case you don’t know, ìyàwó mi means My wife.

Watch Iyawo mi’s video on YouTube here!

8. Ọmọ pupa by Victor Olaiya

Ọmọ pupa is another Yoruba love song from way back that is really nice. I recommend. The song is from the album 3 Decades of HighLife. It was released in the year 2002.

click here to watch the video!

9. Olólùfẹ by Orlando Julius Ekemode

The song is from the album Super Afro Soul. It was released in the year 1966. It is a beautiful Yoruba love song to play at one’s wedding sef.

click here to watch his remix of the song with Seyi Shay!

10. Baby mi da by Victor Olaiya

Okay. So this song has funny lyrics. There was a part where Victor Olaiya said, “Ebi n pa mi, mo fe mu ọyàn…” I was like WTF? 😂🤣 Anyway, it’s all cruise as some people will say. The song is very romantic and lovely despite the breast part.

Click to watch his remix of the song with 2Baba!

After searching frantically all over the web for the album which the song Baby mi da is from, I couldn’t find it. Even the year it was released too is scarce information. If you, our dear reader, happens to know, kindly leave a comment with useful information about it. Thank you.

11. Orékelẹ́wà by Darey

From the album titled “Naked”, Darey Art Alade released this beautiful Yoruba song in 2015. The lyrics of the song is absolutely beautiful. And a lot of the lyrics was sung in Yoruba Language. But overall, it makes the list.

Click here to watch the video!

12. Òrénté by Adekunle Gold

Although, a lot of the lyrics was sung in English, the main chorus was sung in Yoruba Language. So, it is still technically a Yoruba song. Òrénté is a classic. Òrénté deserves to be on this list. The song was released in 2016 from the album titled, “Gold”.

Click here to watch Òrénté’s video on YouTube!

Fun fact about the Òrénté song?Adekunle Gold sang the song for his now wife, Simi. 💓❤️

13. Ìyàwó Àsìkò by Nomoreloss.

Amazing song by the late crooner Nomoreloss whose real name was Adeyemi Olumuyiwa Osinuga. Another Yoruba classic that can’t be forgotten. Láíláí … The song was released in 2006. Though he may be dead, but his music lives forever. Sun re oo! 💓

Click here to watch the song video on YouTube

14. Ìfẹ Olóyin by Beautiful Nubia

The verses may be English but the chorus is sung in strong Yoruba Lyrics. Beautiful Nubia did another amazing one on this song. Ìfẹ Olóyin was released in 2006. From the album “Fere”.

Click to watch Ife Olóyin’s video on YouTube

15. Kòkòrò ìfẹ by Gabriel Afolayan

Although the lyrics of a song is partly English and partly Yoruba, but overall it still counts as a Yoruba song. Because for me, the chorus is in Yoruba language. Gabriel Afolayan has a thing for Yoruba love songs and this particular one made the list. The song was released in 2015 from the album titled, “Songs Collection”.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

16. Ìfẹ́ wa gbóná by Tiwa Savage

This song is by artiste Tiwa Savage and she featured the artist Leo Wonder. It is from the album “Once Upon Time”. The song was released in 2013. It is a pop song with lyrics partly in Yoruba and partly in English. Mainly the chorus was sung in Yoruba Language but the verses are in English. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU WATCH THE SONG’S VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. It is absolutely beautiful. Tiwa Savage was in Yoruba attire and many of the cast of the video were in Yoruba attires too. It is a love song that literally means, “our love is hot”.

Watch Ife wa gbona’s video on Youtube

So, there is the list! You can try searching the Titles of each song on Google search or YouTube search. YouTube has the audio of all the songs I recommended here, so go to YouTube to listen.


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  1. True true..
    These yoruba songs are amzing and got me nostalgic. Even though I’m a 1990’s baby born and bred in northern Nigeria,
    I know most of them, reminded me of when i used to go to weddings with my parents those days. You can check out evergreen yoruba love songs by ohEmGee on youtube he resang then at his faaji friday part 2. Thanks for this update, i even downloaded some of them.🙏💕


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