Shalaye/Ṣ’àlàyé – Here is the Meaning


There is a new trend on Twitter streets in April/May 2020 about the Yoruba word, “Shalaye”. It usually features a picture that reads, “Always resist the urge to Shalaye”. Now what’s the meaning of Shalaye/ṣ’àlàyé? Let’s check it below for my friends that don’t understand Yoruba Language.

The meaning of Shalaye/ṣ’àlàyé is, “Explain in depth”.

It’s that simple. To shalaye, is to EXPLAIN. Perhaps on a particular topic, when you are asked to shalaye, it means to further explain your point on the topic.

The correct spelling of the word is, ṣ’àlàyé not shalaye though.

Break down the word S’alaye?

Ṣe + Ala+ yé

That means, “do+split+understand”


1. Ọgbẹni, ta ló ní kí o ṣ’àlàyé?!

Meaning: Mr Man, who asked you to explain?!


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