88 Sweetest Yoruba Love Names to call your Lover


In view of the fact that, there are not many Yoruba names to call your lover on the internet, I decided to solve this problem by compiling this ultimate list of sweet, endearing and adorable Yoruba names that you can call your spouse, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your fiance, your fiancee, your husband and your wife. Many of the Yoruba names that I compiled in this article can be used for both genders. These Yoruba terms of endearment are just so sweet!This article contains;
1. 87 uniquely ROMANTIC Yoruba love names.
2. Accurate translations of the Yoruba terms of endearment.
3. Pronunciation Explanations.

1. Ẹ̀ṣọ́ mi

Meaning: My Jewel

Pronunciation: eh-shaw + mee

2. Aya’ba tójú aya’ba

Meaning: A queen that is supreme to other queens.

Pronunciation: ah-yah-bah+ toe-joo+ ah-yah-bah

3. Adúmáadán

Meaning: Dark and shining.

Pronunciation: ah-doo-mah-ah-daw-n

4. Pọngílá mi

Meaning: My Lollipop

Pronunciation: kpaw-n-gee-lah+ mee

5. Orekelewa

Meaning: Young and beautiful

Pronunciation: oh-ray-kay-leh-wah

6. Olówó orí mi

Meaning: Owner of my head

Pronunciation: oh-loh-woh+ oh-ree+ mee

7. Ẹni bí ọkàn mi

Meaning: The person that is like my heart

Pronunciation: eh-nee+bee+aw-kaw-n+mee

8. T’èmi nìkàn ṣoṣo

Meaning: My only one.

Pronunciation: tay-mee+nee-kaw-n+ sho-sho

9. Èyí dárá

Meaning: This one is good/pleasant.

Pronunciation: Ay-yee+ dah-rah

10. Ẹní mo rí yọ̀

Meaning: The person I see and rejoice.

Pronunciation: Eh-nee+moh+ree+yaw

11. Ẹni ọkàn mí yàn

Meaning: The one person my heart chose

Pronunciation: eh-nee-aw-kaw-n + Mee+ yawn

12. Enikeji mi

Meaning: My second. Or my twin. Or my accomplice.

13. Àríṣọpẹ

Meaning: To see (someone) and give thanks.

14. Bámikálẹ tèmi nìkan

Meaning: My only one who will be with me till the night (end days)

15. Aya mo rí kẹ́

Meaning: The wife that I am able to pamper

16. Ọmọge alakọ

Meaning: The beautiful young lady with the fashion swag/sense.

17. Àdùnkẹ́

Meaning: Sweet to Care for/pamper.

18. Ọba mi

Meaning: My king

19. Sisí Ológe

Meaning: Young lady with fashion swag

20. Ìfẹ mi tó dùn

Meaning: My sweet lover

21. Wúrà mi ọ̀wọ́n

Meaning: My dear Gold.

22. Ọmọ tó dùn fẹ

Meaning: Baby that is sweet to love.

23. Ọbẹ̀ tó dùn

Meaning: Sweet Soup

24. Ọmọ tó pé

Meaning: Baby (lover) that is complete. ( Complete in terms of breast size, butt size, behavior wise, etc.)

25. Àbẹ̀kẹ́

Meaning: The one we beg to care for or pamper.

26. Bàbá àwọn ọmọ mi

Meaning: The father of my children

27. Èyí mó fẹràn

Meaning: This is the one I love.

28. Ìyá àwọn ọmọ mi

Meaning: The mother of my children

29. Ọrẹ at’oke wá titemi

Meaning: My friend from above that is mine.

30. Ọrọ̀ mi

Meaning: My wealth

31. Yeye ìfẹ

Meaning: Mother of Love

32. Ìní mi

Meaning: My possession

33. Eégún ẹyin mi

Meaning: My backbone

34. Mo ri oun kẹ́

Meaning: I saw something to pamper

35. Arẹwà tó ṣọ̀wọ́n

Meaning: Beautiful one that is scarce/rare

36. Alawọ didán

Meaning: One with shining complexion

37. Abeni

Meaning: Begged to have

38. Imọlẹ ayé mi

Meaning: Light of my life

39. Abẹ̀fẹ́

Meaning: Begged to Love

40. Òrénté

Meaning: Young and beautiful woman

41. Arakunrin mi

Meaning: My man

42. Arábìnrin mi

Meaning: My woman

43. Àyànmọ́ mi àt’ọ̀run

Meaning: My destined one from above.

44. Èyí yẹ mi

Meaning: I deserve this one.

45. Iyanu mi.

Meaning: my miracle

46. Igbẹkẹle mi

Meaning: My support

47. Ìtura mi

Meaning: My Relief

48. Omidan

Meaning: Amazingly beautiful woman

49. Angeli mi.

Meaning: My angel

50. Ayanfẹ mi.

Meaning: My chosen lover

51. Tọ́ọ́rọ́ ẹ̀kẹ́ mi

Meaning: My cheek dimple 💓❤️😍

52. Elétè oyin

Meaning: Honey lipped

53. Aládé ààfin mi

Meaning: The crowned one in my palace

54. Arike mi

Meaning: The one we saw to pamper that is mine

55. Ọlá mi ọwọn

Meaning: My dear wealth

56. Ìṣura mi

Meaning: My treasure

57. Olórí ààfin wa

Meaning: The queen in our palace

58. Ayaba mi

Meaning: My queen

59. Ọdùnkún mi

Meaning: My sweet potato

60. Ọmọ tó dùn

Meaning: Baby that is sweet

61. Awélẹ́wa

Meaning: Young and beautiful woman

62. Eyinju mi (literally means, “my eyeballs”

Meaning: Apple of my eyes.

63. Òpeké

Meaning: Youthful lady

64. Ọmọge

Meaning: Young lady

65. Sisí mi ọ̀wọ́n

Meaning: My dear young lady

66. Aya mi

Meaning: My wife

67. Arẹwà

Meaning: My beautiful one

68. Òdòdó mi

Meaning: My flower

69. Àyànmọ́ ìfẹ

́Meaning: Destined lover of mine

70. Ade mí/ Ade ori mi

Meaning: My crown/ My crown on my head

71. Ìdùnnú mi

Meaning: My happiness

72. Ẹwà

Meaning: Beauty

73. Morẹnikeji mi

Meaning: I saw my second/partner

74. Onitemi

Meaning: My own

75. Oló mi

Meaning: My lover

76. Olólùfẹ

Meaning: Lover

77. Adùn

Meaning: Sweetness

78. Oyin ayé mi

Meaning: Honey in my life

79. Irawọ mi

Meaning: my star

80. Ayọ mi

Meaning: my joy

81. Ọkọ mi

Meaning: My husband

82. Ìyàwó mi

Meaning: my wife

83. Aridunnu

Meaning: To see and get happy

84. Itunnu mi

Meaning: my comforter

85. Ìfẹ mi

Meaning: My love

86. Okan mi

Meaning: My heart

87. Adùn ayé mi

Meaning: The Sweetness in my Life

88. Korikosun mi

Meaning: The one I must see before I can sleep..

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