101 Yoruba Names for God – Epic List! Oríkì Ọlọrun l’édè Yorùbá


If there is one sweet thing that I enjoy about Yorubas, it’s their large vocabulary of names to call God. When the choristers in a church start to sing God’s praise in Yoruba, heads start to “swell” (Literally of course). It is such an heavenly and otherworldly phenomenon to experience indeed.

You are here on this blog because you wish to know how to call God wonderful names from the Yoruba language. Perhaps you are the one to lead the choristers in Praise and Worship next Sunday and you want to give it your best by showing off how much of God’s Oriki you know. Or you perhaps just wish to expand your Yoruba vocabulary. Whichever one it is, this article is tailored to help you out.

So, yes, we will be listing 100 Oriki for God or Yoruba names for God below. Amazing huh? Yeah! Come with us to check 100 Yoruba names for God below..
Let’s go!

1. Alágbádá Iná

Meaning: One whose robe or gown is made of Fire.

2. Al’awọtẹlẹ òòrùn

Meaning: One whose undergarment is the sun.

3. Ọba àwọn ọba

Meaning: King of kings

4. Ọlọrun awọn ọlọrun

Meaning: Lord of lords

5. Ọlọwọ Iná

Meaning: Hands of Fire

6. Atẹrẹrẹ Kari Ayé

Meaning: One that spreads wide over all the earth

7. Ọba Nla Tó Kárí Ayé

Meaning: Big King that covers all the earth.

8. Alabẹ Ilé a n sá wa

Meaning: The one whose house we run under for protection.

9. Olórí Ayé

Meaning: Head of the Earth

10. Kábíyèsí

Meaning: King

11. Ọ̀rọ̀bọ̀ Jigbọ Baba Awọn Ẹrù

Meaning: Big enough that he is the father of all fears

12. Ologo tó ju ogo lọ

Meaning: Glorious one that is more than Glory itself

13. Arugbo Ojo

Meaning: Ancient of Days

14. Adagba Ma Tepa

Meaning: Elderly one that did not use a stick or rod.

15. Imole laarin Okunkun

Meaning: Light in the midst of darkness

16. Oba ara ti n da ara

Meaning: King of wonders that does wonders.

17. Arabata ribiti, Aribiti rabata

Meaning: Mighty One (‘?’ Not sure..)

18. Oloore

Meaning: The one that is good/ One that does favors

19. Gbani gbani nigba isoro

Meaning: The one that helps one in time of problems.

20. Kokoro inu aye

Meaning; The key in life.

21. Erujeje

Meaning: The one that should feared

22. Adajo ma fi tenikan se

Meaning: One that judges without partiality

23. Erujeje okan pharaoh

Meaning: The One behind Pharaoh’s hardened heart

24. Afunni ma siregun

Meaning: One that gives without expecting

25. Oba ti n toju eni

Meaning: The King that takes care of someone

26. Aduro gboin gboin leyin asooto

Meaning: One that stands so firmly at the back of the truthful.

27. Eni ikerin ninu ina ileru

Meaning: The 4th person in the fire of the furnace

28. Ina to n jo, tenikan o le pa

Meaning: The light/fire that burns that no one can put out.

29. Olowo gbogboro

Meaning: The one whose hands are wide

30. Jikan lu’kan pa

Meaning: One who wakes one and kills one.

31. Onikokoro aye l’owo

Meaning: One who has the keys to the earth.

32. Agadagodo emi gbogbo eniyan

Meaning: The Padlock of everyone’s lives.

33. Opa tinrin kanle o kan orun

Meaning: The thin rope that touches the earth and the heavens/ the rain.

34. Ibere ati opin

Meaning: The beginning and the end

35. Emi ni ti n je emi ni

Meaning: The “I am that I am”.

36. O gbomo nija somo daje, o gbomo nija somo doso

Meaning: One who fights for child so much that the child seems like a witch or a wizard.

37. Asiri aye

Meaning: The secret of the world

38. Oba ara

Meaning; King of Wonders

39. Oluranlowo mi

Meaning: My helper

40. Ogbe’ni nija keru kob’onija

Meaning: One who fights for one and scares away the other person.

41. Ako’da aye

Meaning: One who created the world first.

42. Aseda Orun

Meaning: One who created the heavens.

43. Oluwa awon oluwa

Meaning: Lord of lords

44. Oba ti o see wo loju wo

Meaning: King that can’t be looked in the eye.

45. Ailedibaje

Meaning: One that can’t be spoiled.

46. Oba to n seun gbogbo lasiko

Meaning:King that does all things at the right time.

47. Irawo owuro

Meaning: Morning star

48. Oba awon eni mimo

Meaning: King of the saints

49. Olori ogun, akoda ogun, akeyin ogun

Meaning: Leader of the battle, Creator of the battle, Last person standing in the battle.

50. Alagbara

Meaning: Powerful one

51. Oba to soro ti ina yo

Meaning: King that talks and fire ejects.

52. Eledumare

Meaning: Almighty God

53. Aji p’ojo iku da

Meaning: One that wakes and turns the day of death around.

54. Opa kan, wo kan ye

Meaning: One that kills one, and nurses one back to life.

55. Onile kaya kajo

Meaning: One whose house we branch into to dance.

56. Asiri isale ile

Meaning: The secret behind the underground.

57. Iye

Meaning: Redemption

58. Oba to l’oyun ara re, o bi ara re, o so ara re loruko.

Meaning: the King that got pregnant of himself, birthed himself, and named himself.

59. Eleburu ike

Meaning: One that cares the most? (Not sure… Comment what you think is the meaning)

60. Alainipekun

Meaning: One that has no end

61. Olowo ori wa

Meaning: One that owns our heads/destinies.

62. Opo kan to gbe aye ati orun

Meaning: The one pillar that carries the heavens and the earth.

63. Oba to n soro dayo

Meaning: King that turns troubles into joy.

64. Olorun to n fe wa ni afeju ati afetan

Meaning: Almighty that loves in totalty

65. Oluso agutan rere

Meaning: The good sheperd

66. Oluwa

Meaning: God/ Our King

67. Olorun

Meaning: God

68. Atobiju

Meaning: Greatest One

69. Adagba ma paro oye

Meaning: One who grows so old and does not change title

70. Oba lana, oba loni, oba titi ayeraye

Meaning: King yesterday, King today, King Forever.

71. Oba to n gba idobale oba

Meaning: King that accepts the prostrating of other kings

72. Metal’okan

Meaning: Three in One

73. Olorun baba, Olorun omo, Olorun emi mimo

Meaning: God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit

74. Ologo meta

Meaning: One with Three glories.

75. Awimayehun

Meaning: One that says it and does not go back on his words.

76. Asoromatase

77. Asoromaye

78. Asoro kolu bii ogiri gbigbe

79. Olulana

80. Emi Mimo

81. Olusegun

82. Gbani gbani oba a n saya

83. Adani ma gbagbe

84. Atofarati

85. Ibere ati opin

86. Àwámárìídìí

87. Arinu r’ode

88. Olumoran okan

89. Atorise

90. Onibu ore

91. Oyigiyigi

92. Alakoso orun

93. Ologo julo

94. Olowo gbogboro

Meaning: One with large hands

95. Oba ti o see pe lejo

96. Oba ti n laju afoju

97. Oba ti n ji oku dide

98. Aditu Olodumare

99. Olugbeja

Meaning: One who always fights one’s behalf.

100. Ọba to bi ọmọ kárí ayé

Meaning: King that has children all over the earth.

101!!!. This is a jara oo…


Meaning: One who gives gifts or kindness for free.

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  1. This is a great list it has some of the definitions ive been looking for for a while.
    #58 means “You are the King who carried Yourself in the womb, You birthed yourself, You named yourself.”

    • Hello Rysa. Thanks for commenting. The meaning of the statement is, “great one, You are the one that is the greatest” Aribiti arabata does not really have a meaning in Yoruba. It’s just used to mean that something is great or magnificent.


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