Olufẹ mi- Here’s the meaning

Yoruba Language has several phrases that are used to express love between lovers. And one of those phrases is Olufẹ mi.

What does Olufẹ mi mean in Yoruba Language? Can we help you translate olufẹ mi to English Language? Well, yes! Why not?

Olufẹ mi is a Yoruba term of endearment that means, “my lover”.

It’s that simple. Simi used the phrase Olufẹ mi in her song titled Duduke and that song has popularised the term.

So, there! You have the meaning of Olufe mi. The meaning is very straightforward.

How to pronounce Olufẹ mi?



1. Igba wo la máa lọ sí etí òkun, olufẹ mi ọwọn?

Meaning: when are we going to the beach, my dear lover?

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