Ko por keh/ Kò pọ kẹ̀ – Meaning.


Following music released by music artist known as Classic Jester, in July 2020, he titled the song Ko por keh. And since then, it has become a popular phrase in the mouth of Yoruba youths.

If you live in South West Nigeria, then chances are you have heard the phrase Ko por keh used jokingly in the later half of 2020.

But if you don’t understand Yoruba language, there is a high likelihood that you will be curious as to what this trending phrase means in English.

Well, the meaning of Ko por keh is, “How is it not much?”

You can also translate it as, “too much swag or drip”.

That’s the meaning of Ko por keh! Simple and straightforward.

Ko por keh is the wrong spelling though. The correct spelling is, “Kò pọ̀ kẹ̀”.

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