Ka ṣaà máa dupẹ – Here’s the meaning


Ka ṣaà máa dupẹ is also commonly written in short form as Kashamadupe. Kashamadupe is a complete and short Yoruba statement that has one meaning.

The meaning of Kashamadupe or ká ṣáà máa dupẹ is, “we should just be thankful” or “we should just keep being thankful”.

Breaking down the word Kashamadupe, we have,

in Yoruba means, “We should

Ṣaà or sha in Yoruba means “just

Máa in Yoruba means, “keep doing something”

Dupẹ in Yoruba means, “give thanks”

So, when you combine all of that, we have ká ṣáà máa dupẹ or Kashamadupe.

Example of Kashamadupe in a sentence.

1. Kashamadupe lowo Edumare. Tori oun lo n bọ wa.


We should just keep being thankful to the creator. Because the creator is the one that is providing for us.


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