Máf’ẹjọ pámi – Here is the Meaning


Maf’ẹjọ pámi is a complete Yoruba sentence. It is a very commonly used statement among Yoruba people of the south west. It is used to “shush” someone. Especially when someone talks too much.

The meaning of maf’ẹjọ pámi is, “don’t use Talkativeness to kill me”.

That’s it!

When someone is talking too much especially on irrelevant or on fickle things, you can tell the person, “maf’ẹjọ pámi”.

Pronunciation of maf’ẹjọ pámi is mah-feh-jaw-kpah- mee

Example in a sentence:

1. Maf’ẹjọ pámi jere. Ki lo de gan?

Meaning: Don’t kill me with talk please. What is it really?


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