Oníjìbìtì – Here’s The Meaning


Oníjìbìtì is a Yoruba noun and word. It may have gotten more popular in the latter half of 2020 especially on social media of South Western youths in Nigeria. Most likely because songs and comedy skits have featured the word, and these media products have gotten very popular among the youths. This indirectly caused an explosion in popularity for the word, “Oníjìbìtì“.

The meaning of oníjìbìtì is, “A person who scams People”. Or it could also mean, “a person who is not straightforward”. Or a “con artist”.

Pronunciation of Oníjìbìtì is, oh-nee-jee-bee-tee.

Example of Oníjìbìtì in a sentence:

1. Àṣé oníjìbìtì ni olùṣọ yẹn ṣá.. owó tó máa gbá kúrò lọwọ mí ló n dùn!

Meaning: So, that pastor is a scammer.. it is the money he will dupe out of my hands that he is after!


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