How to say “Baby” in Yoruba?


The word “baby” is very common in English language. I want to believe that you mean “baby” in the romantic context. Saying baby in Yoruba is nice. But historically, I don’t think Yoruba people ever had a need to call their female lovers “baby”, so there is no popular Yoruba word for it.

But, I have some suggestions as to the Yoruba translation of the word, “baby”.

If what you mean by “baby” is a small human child, then Yorubas call that, “ọmọde” or “ọmọ” or “omo ikoko”.
But if you want a translation of baby in the romantic context, then you can say, ‘bèbí’ or “ọmọ”.

I think when people say, ọmọ in South Western Nigeria to a female, it means “baby” in English.

This is my own conclusion.
So, “baby” can be translated to Yoruba as either “Bèbí” or “ọmọ”. In romantic contexts.

Ọmọ is pronounced aw-maw.

1. Ọmọ mi, mo nifẹ rẹ.
Meaning: My baby, I love you.

2. See that sexy babe.
Meaning: wo ọmọ tó pé yẹn.


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