Ta ló sọ pé – Here’s the Meaning


“Ta ló sọ pé” is a question in Yoruba language. When you want to start a question that means, “who said that..”, you use the phrase “ta lo so pe”.

So, the meaning of ta ló sọ pé is, “who said that …?”

Usually there are more words after “Ta lo lo pé”, to complete the question.

For example in late 2020, all the hype was around this slang question, “ta lo sọ pé kò pọ kẹ”.

Ta lo so pe kò pọ kẹ means, “who said it is not much?”

Pronunciation of “ta lo sọ pé” is tah-loh-saw-kpay.

Example of Ta lo so pe in a sentence:

1. Ta lo sọ pé kò pọ? Ko ṣeeṣe.

Meaning: who said it’s not much? It’s impossible.



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