Opotoyi – Here’s The Meaning



Opotoyi  is a complete Yoruba sentence.

The meaning of Opotoyi / ópọ̀tóyí is, “It is this much”. Or it could mean, “It is this plenty“.

Breaking down the sentence, ó pọ̀ tó yí into its components, we have:

Ó in Yoruba means, “It”.

Pọ̀ in Yoruba means, “plenty”.

Tó in Yoruba means “to an extent”.

Yí ìn Yoruba means “this”.

Example of “Opotoyi” in a sentence.

1. À ṣé ó pọ̀ tó yìí, aṣọ lẹ fi ń bòó.

Meaning: So, it is this much, it is clothes you are using to cover it.


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