104 Yoruba Phrases (common) and meaning


Phrases are combination of words that could either make a full meaningful sentence or have an incomplete meaning. Just like in English language, there are very popular phrases that we use everyday, so does Yoruba language also have common phrases that its speakers use regularly.

In this listicle, we will look at 104 Yoruba phrases that are very commonly used in South West Nigeria and by its speakers elsewhere as well. So, below are 104 of the best common / popular Yoruba phrases and their English meanings that you should learn today.

141 Useful Yoruba Words and their meanings

1. Ẹ nlẹ
Meaning: Hello / Hi

2. Báwo ni?
Meaning: How is it? / What’s up?

3. Ẹ káàrọ
Meaning: Good morning

4. Ẹ káàsán
Meaning: Good afternoon.

5. Ẹ ku irọlẹ
Meaning: Good evening.

6. Ẹ káalẹ
Meaning: Good evening. (Used when it is completely dark at night, that is, after 7:30 PM)

7. Ṣo ti jẹun / Sho ti jẹun?
Meaning: Have you eaten?

8. O wà
Meaning: It is available. (If used in a danfo bus, it means there is a passenger available for the next bus stop)

9. Ki ló n ṣẹlẹ / Ki lo n shele?
Meaning: ‘What is happening?’ or ‘What is the matter’ or ‘What’s up?’

10. Ta l’eleyii / Taleleyi?
Meaning: Who is this?

11. Ṣo wà / Sho wa?
Meaning: Are you good?

12. O ṣe / O shey
Meaning: Thank you.

13. Ẹ ṣeun
Meaning: Thank you. (Used for older people or in order to sound respectful)

14. Oríṣiríṣi
Meaning: Different kinds of things. (It is the Yoruba equivalent of the English phrase ‘Wonders shall never end’, it used to express wonder or amazement about something.)

15. Ṣo gbádùn / Sho gbádùn?
Meaning: Are you okay? (Used in an insulting way to mean, ‘Is a person in their right senses?’)

16. Ki lo de / Kilode?
Meaning: What happened?

17. Ki lo ṣe e / Kiloshey e?
Meaning: ‘What’s wrong with you?’ or ‘What happened to you?’

18. Ṣe dáadáa ni?
Meaning: Hope everything is going well?

19. A dupẹ
Meaning: We are grateful (Doesn’t necessarily mean more than one person is grateful, one person can use the phrase to express appreciation despite the ‘we’ part.)

20. Mo fẹ jẹun
Meaning: I want to eat.

21. Ebi n pa mí
Meaning: I am hungry.

22. Mo ti jẹun
Meaning: I have eaten.

23. Ṣe àláfíà ni / S’alafia ni?
Meaning: Are you in good health?

24. Ṣe nkán n lọ dédé?
Meaning: Is everything going smoothly?

25. Ta ni / Tani?
Meaning: Who is it?

26. Ta ni yẹn / Taniyen?
Meaning: Who is that?

27. Ta lo wa ń bè / Talowambe?
Meaning: Who is there?

28. Ṣo ti gbọ / Sho tigbo?
Meaning: Have you heard?

29. Ṣo gbọ / Sho gbo?
Meaning: Did you hear?

30. Wa n bí / Wanbi
Meaning: Come here.

31. Dìde
Meaning: Stand up.

32. Jókòó
Meaning: Sit down.

33. Wa gbà / Wagba
Meaning: Come and take.

34. Wa bi / Wabi
Meaning: Come here.

35. Máa bò n’bi báyìí
Meaning: Come over here.

36. Bọ si’bi
Meaning: Get over here.

37. Sọrọ sókè wère / Soro sókè werey
Meaning: Speak up mad person.

38. Sọrọ sókè
Meaning: Speak up.

39. Ẹ jọ̀ọ́ / Ejor
Meaning: Excuse me.

40. Gbẹnu sọun
Meaning: Shut up.

41. O dáàbò / Odabo
Meaning: Goodbye.

42. Ẹ káàbò / Ekabo
Meaning: You are welcome. (When returning from a journey.)

43. Kò t’ọpẹ
Meaning: No need to thank me.

44. Pẹlẹ́
Meaning: Sorry.

45. Rọra
Meaning: Take it easy.

46. O tito / Otito
Meaning: It is enough.

47. O to gẹ / Otoge
Meaning: Enough is enough.

48. Ẹ kúule / Ekule
Meaning: How was home keeping?

49. Ẹ ma binu / Emabinu
Meaning: Please don’t be angry.

50. Ṣẹ wà pa? / Ṣó wà pa?
Meaning: Are you good?
(‘Ṣẹ wà pa’ is used when speaking with an older one. Ṣó wà pa is used when speaking to a friend or younger one)

51. Ẹ kuuṣẹ / Ẹ kú iṣẹ
Meaning: Weldone

NB: You can also say “Kuuṣẹ” if you’re speaking to a friend or younger person.

52. Ta ló sọ bẹẹ / talosobe
Meaning: Who said so?

53. Kinni n wí / kinni nwi
Meaning: What is he/she saying?

54. Ibo lo ti wa?
Meaning: Where are you from?

55. Kinni oruko e? / Kiloruko e?
Meaning: What’s your name?

56. Omo odun melo ni ẹ?
Meaning: How old are you?

57. Ọmọ ìlú wo ni yín?
Meaning: What country / state are you from?

58. Ẹ ku ayeye ojo ibi
Meaning: Happy birthday celebration

59. Igba ọdun, ọdun kan ni o
Meaning: 200 years on you, is only one year for you.

60. Mi o mọ̀
Meaning: I don’t know

61. Ki l’ago so?
Meaning: What’s says the time?

62. Ṣẹ gbọ èdè Yorùbá?
Meaning: Do you understand Yoruba?

63. Kinni ká fi ṣe yin l’alejo?
Meaning: What should I serve you as a visitor?

64. Ki lẹ fẹ jẹ?
Meaning: What do you want to eat?

65. Jẹ kí a jáde.
Meaning: Let’s go out.

66. Ṣó ni okunrin to n fẹ?
Meaning: Do you have a boyfriend?

67. E ku ewu ọmọ
Meaning: Happy childbirth celebration.

68. Iwọ nkọ?

Meaning: And you?

English phrases first, Yoruba translations of them are below:

69. I’m fine, thank you.

Meaning: Mo wà pá, ẹ ṣe.

70. Good.

Meaning: O dáa

71. Not very good.

Meaning: Ko fi bẹẹ wà pá.

72. What’s up?

Meaning: Ki lo n ṣẹlẹ?

73. My pleasure.

Meaning: Idunnu mi ni

74. Come in..

Meaning: Ẹ máa wọlé bọ̀

75. Make yourself at home.

Meaning: Ile ni ilé yin, ẹ tú’ra ka.

76. Have a nice day.

Meaning: Ìyókù ọjọ òní a dara fún yín

77. My name is Moyinoluwa/Katniss/John.

Moyinoluwa (or insert your name) ni mo ń jẹ


Moyinoluwa ni orúkọ mi.

78. Good luck.

Meaning: (is there a translation for that in Yoruba? Lemme see…)

Ẹẹ ṣe àṣeyọrí.

79. You look beautiful

Meaning: Ẹ rẹwa.

80. Can I have your number?

Ṣé mo lè gba ẹrọ ibanisọrọ yin bi?

81. I am single.

Meaning: Miì ni ẹni tí mo n fẹ.

82. I am married.

Meaning: Mo ti ṣe ìgbéyàwó

83. I like you.

Meaning: Mo fẹran re.

84. Nice to meet you

Meaning: Inu mi dun láti mọ yín.

85. I am a student

Meaning: Ọmọ ile iwe ni mi

86. I am a Naija citizen

Meaning: Ọmọ Naija ni mi

87. I will be right back

Meaning: Mo ń padà bọ nisinyi.

88. What should I offer you?

Meaning: Kínní kí a fí ṣe yín ní àlejò?

89. I like fashion

Meaning: Mo fẹ́ràn iṣaralóoge.

90. I will miss you.

Meaning: Okan mi máa fà sí ẹ.


Ààrọ rẹ máa sọ mi.

91. I’m happy to learn Yoruba

Meaning: Inu mi dùn láti kọ èdè Yorùbá

92. Text me later

Meaning: Fí ateranse ranṣẹ sí mi laipẹ.

93. Don’t go yet.

Meaning: Ma yì lọ

94. Wait for me.

Meaning: Dúró dè mí

95. Will you marry me?

Meaning: Ṣé wàá fẹ mi?

96. What do you think?

Meaning: Kí ló rò si?

97. I have a son

Meaning: Mo ni ọmọ ọkunrin kan

98. Oh my God

Meaning: Ọlọrun mi o

99. I’m not sure

Meaning: Ko da mi loju

100. I am traveling.

Meaning: Mo n lọ ìrìn àjò

101. I will love to kiss you.

Meaning: Máa fẹ kí a fi ẹnu ko ẹnu.

102. Let’s have sex

Meaning: Jẹ ki a b’ara wa lopọ.

103. Leave a comment below, if you love this.

Meaning: E fi èsì lẹ ní isalẹ, ti ẹ bá nifẹ èyí.

104. We’re done here.

Meaning: A ti ṣe tán níbí.

Woa. What a long ride that was! Comment below if you want any English Phrases translated to Yoruba. I will definitely reply. Ire. Ìfẹ ní mo fí ranṣẹ sí yin!


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