Kúròńbẹ̀/Kuronbe – Here’s The Meaning


Kúròńbẹ̀ or Kuronbe is a short Yoruba statement and sentence that means, “Leave there.”

The meaning of Kuronbe is, “leave there”.

Kuronbe is composed of two Yoruba words.

Kuro + Níbẹ̀ (Ńbẹ̀)

Kúrò in Yoruba means, “Leave

Nbẹ̀/Níbẹ̀ means, “from there“.

Example of Kuronbe in a sentence:

1. Kúròńbẹ̀ jọọ, mo fẹ kọja.

Meaning: Leave there please, I want to pass.


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