L’ogan tí ó dé – Here’s The Meaning


L’ogan tí ó dé or simply written as “logan ti o de”, is a Yoruba phrase.

L’ogan tí ó dé is composed of 5 different Yoruba words to make up the phrase.

It has:

Li (also called “Ni”) in Yoruba means, “When”. It could also mean, “to have”.

Ògàn in Yoruba means, “The moment”

Ti in Yoruba means, “that”.

Ó in Yoruba means, “he/she”

Dé in Yoruba means, “to arrive”.

So, when you combine all that together, we have the meaning of “logan ti o de” to be, “The moment he/she came…”

Pronunciation of L’ogan ti ó dé: law-gaw-n-tee-oh-day

Example of L’ogan ti o de in a sentence:

1. L’ogan ti o dé sínú ayé mi, ni mo ti mọ pé òun ni Ọlọrun yan fún mi.

Meaning: The moment he/she came into my life was when I knew he/she was the one God chose for me.


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