141 Useful Yoruba Words And Meanings.


In Yoruba language, there are so many Yoruba words and meanings. Just like the English language has hundreds of thousands of words, so does Yoruba language also have thousands of words. Yoruba words can comprise of two letters, three letters, four letters and so on. Also, Yoruba words are highly unique and different from English words because they are tonal.

In writing and speaking Yoruba language, the use of tones and tonal marks is highly important. This is to mark the rise and fall in tone of syllables in a particular word. Yoruba language is not the only tonal language in the world. Another famously tonal language is the Chinese Mandarin.

So, having said all these, let’s move on to the main point of this article. Below, we will be listing 100s of commonly used Yoruba words and their English meanings. Yes, you read it right. 100s Yoruba words will be listed below. Let’s see them.

NB: Many of these words have more than one English meaning, so Commas are used to separate meanings. Also, some words have totally different tones but comprise of the same letters. Because Yoruba is a tonal language, some words have different meanings depending on the tonal marks on them. So, tonal marks are carefully used in all the words below. These Yoruba words are popular and commonly used in South West Nigeria.

1. Ìwọ
Meaning: You

2. Mó
Meaning: I

3. Tì
Meaning: To have done something, That.

4. Pẹlú
Meaning: With, And.

5. Ní
Meaning: To Have

6. Ni

Meaning: Is, am

7. Òun
Meaning: He/She, It

8. Ènìyàn
Meaning: Humans

9. Yìí
Meaning: This

10. Láti
Meaning: From, Have To, Must.

11. Gbóná
Meaning: Hot

12 Ń
Meaning: Used to signify something is happening presently, something is going on in the present. Similar to “being” in English language.

13. Ọ̀rọ̀
Meaning: Word

14. Egúngún
Meaning: Masquerade

15. Àwọn
Meaning: Them, They.

16. Kínní
Meaning: What is

17. Tàbí
Meaning: Or

18. Pè
Meaning: To call.

19. Àti
Meaning: And.

20. Ìkan
Meaning: One.

21. Ṣóṣó
Meaning: Only

22. Baàmí
Meaning: Father

23. Màámi
Meaning: Mother

24. Jáde
Meaning: Out

25. Ìmíì
Meaning: Another one

26. Ẹlòmííràn
Meaning: Another person

27. Wọ́n
Meaning: They, He/She (referring to the elderly with respect)

28. Sọ́
Meaning: To say something.

29. Só
Meaning: To tie together

30. Sọrọ
Meaning: To speak

31. Èyí
Meaning: This

32. Ìyí
Meaning: This

33. Ìyẹn
Meaning: That

34. Orúkọ
Meaning: Name of something

35. Àkókò
Meaning: Time

36. Àsìkò
Meaning: Time

37. Ìgbà
Meaning: Time

38. Igba
Meaning: 200

39. Ígbá
Meaning: Garden Egg

40. Wí
Meaning: To say

41. Pé
Meaning: That

42. Fun
Meaning: Give him/her

43. Gbà
Meaning: Take

44. Sáré
Meaning: Run

45. Ariwo
Meaning: Noise

46. Kúnlẹ̀
Meaning: To kneel

47. Dọ̀bálẹ̀
Meaning: To prostrate

48. Ṣètò
Meaning: To prepare

49. Dáa
Meaning: Good

50. Ó
Meaning: It, He/she

51. Fi
Meaning: Put

52. Owó
Meaning: Money

53. Pèé
Meaning: Pronounce

54. Ilé
Meaning: House, Home

55. Ilẹ̀
Meaning: Land

56. Ńlá
Meaning: Big

57. Iṣẹ́
Meaning: Work

58. Ìṣè
Meaning: Doings

59. Àṣé
Meaning: Not knowing that…

60. Irú
Meaning: What kind of.., locust beans

61. Tẹlẹ̀
Meaning: Before

62. Nígbàtí
Meaning: When something happened (in past tense)

63. Nígbàwo
Meaning: When

64. Ìpèsè
Meaning: Provision

65. Ọkùnrin
Meaning: Male

66. Akọ
Meaning: Of the male gender, fashion, pride.

67. Abo
Meaning: Of the female gender

68. Obìnrin
Meaning: Female

69. Jọwọ
Meaning: Please

70. Ìbéèrè
Meaning: Question

71. Iná
Meaning: Fire, Light

72. Jó
Meaning: To dance

73. Gbìyànjú
Meaning: To have tried one’s best

74. Ẹranko
Meaning: Animal

75. Àmì
Meaning: Mark, sign, signal.

76. Ìyá
Meaning: Mother

77. Bàbá
Meaning: Father

78. Ọmọ
Meaning: Child, Baby, also a type of exclamation.

79. Ọmọdé
Meaning: A young child

80. Ayé
Meaning: Earth, World, People in the world

81. Títún
Meaning: New

82. Ápá
Meaning: Arm, Part of something

83. Íbí
Meaning: Place, Evil.

84. Ṣé
Meaning: To do, to make.

85. Gbé
Meaning: To live

86. Gbe
Meaning: To carry

87. Gbẹ́
Meaning: To dig

88. Gbè
Meaning: To gain profit from something

89. Kéré
Meaning: Small

90. Tóbi
Meaning: Big

91. Gùn
Meaning: Long

92. Gún
Meaning: To pound

93. Ẹ̀yìn
Meaning: Back.

94. Dùn
Meaning: To be interesting, to be sweet, to be painful.

95. Yí
Meaning: To cover something with something, to surround.

96. Hùwà
Meaning: To behave

97. Há
Meaning: To scrape

98. Hàn
Meaning: To show

99. Ìkejì
Meaning: Second

100. Ìbejì
Meaning: Twins

101. Bẹrẹ
Meaning: To start

102. Ẹ
Meaning: You (used in respectful situations or to refer to the elderly)

103. Kí
Meaning: What, to greet.

104. Ìtumọ̀
Meaning: Meaning

105. Sí
Meaning: into, in comparison to.

106. Kò
Meaning: There is no…, He/she/it is not…,

107. Ń
Meaning: Is not..

108. Ta
Meaning: Who

109. Wò
Meaning: Look

110. Bàtà
Meaning: Footwear

111. Aṣọ
Meaning: Clothes

112. Ara
Meaning: Body

113. Rò
Meaning: To think, to brainstorm

114. Igi
Meaning: Wood

115. Èmi
Meaning: I

116. Le
Meaning: Hard, tough

117. Ẹran
Meaning: Meat

118. Wá
Meaning: To look for

119. Wọ̀
Meaning: To wear

120. Bá
Meaning: To help to do something..

121. Iranlọwọ
Meaning: Help

122. Ẹ̀ṣẹ̀
Meaning: Sin

123. Ẹ̀ṣẹ́
Meaning: Punch.

124. Jù
Meaning: To throw

125. Ọ̀run
Meaning: Sky, heavens.

126. Tí
Meaning: If

127. Etí
Meaning: Ears

128. Ọjọ
Meaning: Day

129. Òdòdó
Meaning: Flower

130. Adun
Meaning: Sweetness

131. Èlóó
Meaning: How much?

132. Nípa
Meaning: About

133. Pa
Meaning: To kill

134. Tààrà
Meaning: Straight forward

135. Ibo
Meaning: Where?

135. Ọnà
Meaning: Road, path

136. Gbólóhùn
Meaning: Sentences

137. Lo
Meaning: ..do you..

138. Fẹ
Meaning: To marry, want.

139. Ṣìí
Meaning: To get something wrong.

140. Mọ̀
Meaning: To know.

141. Mo
Meaning: I

Those are Yoruba words listed above and their English meanings. More will be added continually to this list. Cheers.

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