Tule / Tuúlẹ̀ – Here’s The Meaning


Tule is a new Yoruba slang word that is rising in popularity as of January 2021. Yes, it is of Yoruba origins. What is the meaning of Tule? You might be wondering. Don’t look too far. Just scroll down and see the meaning of Tule. Ko jù bẹẹ lọ.

The meaning of Tule / Tuúlẹ̀ in Yoruba is, “Release it” or “let it out”.

Maybe someone is hesitating to say something or being shy, people will say Tule! It’s also a slang that is thrown around nowadays without relating to any specific meaning. But the literal meaning of Tule is what I just dished out above. Tule is used as a caption on social media posts and used as a slang in early 2021.

Common associated phrases with Tule include: Tule jare (which means, “release it please”), Tule joo / Tule joor (Let it out please).

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