Lórí irọ – Here’s The Meaning


Lori iro is a new and popular Yoruba slang that got popular on Twitter in February 2021.

The meaning of Lori iro is, “on top lie”. That is the pidgin English translation.

In pure English, Lori iro would mean, “you’re lying” or something like that.

Lori iro is already a slang on Twitter. But the words “Lori” and “irọ” come together to make a Yoruba phrase.


1. O ni oun o fẹràn ẹwà agoyin, pe Shawarma lóun máa n jẹ. Lórí irọ!

Meaning: He said he doesn’t like ẹwà agoyin, that it is Shawarma he eats. He’s lying/on top this lie!


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